What Treatment Options Use a Dental Bridge in Calgary?

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Dental

Missing teeth can cause serious trouble when it comes to a dental patient’s ability to chew and to speak clearly. Thankfully, today’s technological advancements offer a wide variety of treatment options designed to mitigate damage. One excellent option for patients who have one or a few teeth missing is to be fitted for a dental bridge in Fairfield OH.

Dental bridges work by affixing a false tooth, or teeth, to a dental crown, which is secured to one or more of the adjacent teeth. If no healthy teeth are available nearby, the false tooth can be attached to a specialized dental implant designed to hold a bridge. This goes a long way toward explaining the name: the prosthesis literally bridges the open space left between existing teeth.

Most patients who choose to get a dental bridge do so because they want to restore normal functioning. When teeth are missing, nearby teeth often shift to accommodate the missing teeth. This can lead to painful bite problems. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to chew and to speak clearly. If there are many teeth missing, it can also have a dramatic impact on the shape of a person’s face.

A traditional dental bridge in Calgary requires one tooth on either side of the gap being bridged in order to work effectively. Patients who are missing teeth in the back of their mouths where there are no additional teeth to attach the bridge to have two options: placing a dental implant on one end of the gap or using a cantilever bridge.

A cantilever bridge is far less than ideal. It is not as stable as a regular bridge since the false tooth or teeth can only be secured on one side. Placing a dental implant is much more effective. It provides as much stability as a normal tooth, and a dentist can specifically design a crown to as an abutment for the bridge. Not all dental patients make good candidates for implants, though, and only a qualified dentist can determine the best possible treatment plan. Those interested in learning more can contact Colerain Denture Center for additional information, or schedule an appointment, today.

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