Restoration Options for a Chipped Tooth from Family Dentistry in Ypsilanti, MI

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Dentistry

If a person has a chipped tooth, it doesn’t necessarily mean the entire tooth has to go. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the person’s smile, especially when the chip is on one of the front teeth. Even with a small chip, most people find it difficult to miss. As a result, most want to see the services of Family Dentistry in Ypsilanti MI professionals to have the issue fixed as quickly as possible.

Options for Restoring a Chipped Tooth

Even though each case of a chipped tooth is unique, there are two basic options to choose from for restoration purposes.

  • Porcelain: An oven-fired ceramic that is often used for veneers or crowns.
  • Composite resins: A mix of glass and plastic substances that are applied to the tooth in liquid form that hardens as the layers are built up.

What Material is the Right Option?

A person will have to talk with a family dentistry in Ypsilanti, MI professional to determine what material is right to fix their chipped tooth. In most cases, the material selected will be determined by the location of the chip and how bad it is. In the majority of situations, the composite resin material will be used for mild to moderate chips. When there are breaks in the enamel, this material is also going to work well. Veneers and porcelain crowns are the better options for damage or discoloration that is more pronounced.

Both materials have advantages and disadvantages and it is best to discuss these with a dentist. They can let a patient know which material will provide the best results that meet the goals for the patient. A chipped tooth doesn’t have to be a reason not to smile. There are a number of materials that can restore a tooth’s natural look and shape.

If a patient needs to have a chip in their tooth fixed, they should contact the professional staff at Washtenaw General Dentistry. Being informed and knowing what options are available is the best way to restore a person’s smile to its original state. There is no reason to let a chip keep anyone from smiling.

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