Why Dental Implants In Bundaberg Could Be The Best Solution For Tooth Loss

If you have a missing tooth, now is the time to start considering solutions. In most cases, dentists recommend three choices: bridges, dentures and dental implants, for Bundaberg residents. While they all seem like a good choice, you may find that over time, dentures and bridges are more uncomfortable and difficult to use. An implant is usually considered the best option for many adults, and learning about the benefits can be helpful.

Multiple Replacements

Bridges will not work if you have multiple teeth missing next to each other. A bridge works because of the surrounding teeth, which are filed down for the appliance. Partial dentures can be used, but they can cause damage to healthy teeth and aren’t comfortable. Dental implants in Bundaberg can be used to replace any missing tooth, regardless of where it is or how many are gone.

Looks Natural

The biggest complaint with dentures is that they look fake (because they are). However, with advancements in technology, an implant can look just like the teeth in your mouth. Even the colouring can be matched so that you don’t have one that is a shade lighter or darker. Plus, they will feel natural.

Fused To The Jawbone

Dentures sit atop the gums, but an implant is surgically placed into the jawbone. As it heals, the titanium or other metal fuses together with the jawbone to create a permanent fixture. A cap or crown is then placed on top, which looks like the rest of your teeth. You won’t have to worry about removing them or them falling out like you would traditional dentures. Plus, it can protect the jawbone because there is still something that resembles a tooth root.

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