Dental Implants In Castle Hill: Learn About The Benefits

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Dentist

Many adults have lost a tooth because of poor health or accidents. For your dentist, the idea is to restore their appearance, but missing teeth can also lead to other problems. For example, when a tooth isn’t present, the jawbone can wear away, which can lead to pain, shifting teeth, and changes in your appearance. Dental implants in Castle Hill can reduce those problems and restore your smile.

Better Appearance

When you’ve lost a tooth, the jawbone can shrink over time. This leads your cheeks and chin becoming sunken in, which can make you look older. Plus, it is unsightly to smile with gaps in the mouth and may make people notice you for the wrong reasons. Dental implants in Castle Hill stops the process of jawbone shrinkage and restores your smile.

More Comfortable

While the process for getting an implant is lengthy and requires surgery, once it is complete you will have a full set of teeth once more. It may also be more comfortable because you won’t have to remove dentures, use adhesive, and deal with the embarrassment if the denture slips. Similarly, dentures can lead to pain and irritation in the gums, which is eliminated with an implant.

Better Speech

With dentures, even those that fit relatively well can slide or slip inside the mouth. This may lead to you talking with slurred speech or mumbling. You may also note clicking sounds while you speak, which can be embarrassing in certain situations. With dental implants in Castle Hill, the tooth is permanently in place and will not move around inside the mouth.

Eat What You Like

Most people find that dentures force them to give up their favourite foods. You may find it difficult or impossible to eat sticky foods, including caramel, or hard foods, such as popcorn, with dentures. But a dental implant acts just like a regular tooth – you’ll have no such problems.

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