How are Smiles Made Complete With Implants in Short Hills NJ?

No matter the reason a person is missing teeth, it can result in them feeling embarrassed about their smile. It is particularly difficult to deal with when a person is missing teeth in the front of their smile. When missing teeth are a problem, there are Implants in Short Hills NJ. Implants are the permanent solution for missing teeth, allowing a person to overcome their shame about their incomplete smile.

Implants are put in via a surgical procedure. The base is made of titanium and must be fully implanted into the jawbone. Once in place, this base is not visible because it is fully hidden in the gum tissue. Over a period of months, it begins to bond with the bone tissue, and the two become fully joined, just as a natural tooth would be joined to the jawbone.

Implants are put in place to last a lifetime. The prosthetic tooth is the only visible portion of the implant and is made to precisely blend in with a patient’s other teeth, for a completely natural look. This is especially vital for implants that will be placed in the front of the smile.

Once implants are in place, a patient needs to make sure they care for their implant just as they would their natural tooth. This means brushing and flossing twice a day and seeing the dentist every three to six months.

At each dental appointment, the dentist will check to make sure the implant is secure, the gum tissue is healthy, and there is no bone loss or infection occurring in the socket. It is imperative dental implants are cared for so problems do not begin to arise that may lead to bone loss in the jawbone. X-rays should be conducted at least once a year to ensure all of the hardware is in sound shape.

If you are missing some of your natural teeth, you should ask your dentist about Implants in Short Hills NJ. Call the office of Westfield Oral Surgery and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment right away so the dentist can determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

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