Tooth Loss and Tooth Extractions, Reasons and Remedies

Dentists perform tooth extractions in Arlington Heights when there really is no other way of saving the tooth. At times, even a busted tooth can be restored in case the intact region is in fine health – and on lay or a cap could make things as good as new. However, in other cases, tooth extractions are required.

You might find yourself seeking an extraction in case:

You have a cracked or busted tooth that is complicated to fix.

You have an improperly located or non-functioning tooth.

You suffer from serious periodontal disease with gums struggling to support your teeth.

You have a tooth that has decayed considerably.

One of the teeth is in such poor condition that not even root canal therapy may be able to save it. A few of these cannot be prevented, regardless of what you choose to do.

Tooth extractions that are caused by extensive decay or periodontal disease may be prevented easily if you only follow some basic steps.

Remember to brush at least 2 times a day. You will not need any tooth extraction in case you practice regular dental health care.

Floss as if your teeth depend upon it. Simply because they actually do! Flossing cleans away pieces of food from between the teeth that may cause tooth decay if left uncontrolled. Even more important, it helps prevent periodontal disease by cleaning up the gums.

Do not hold off until the last minute. Tooth extractions in Arlington Heights can be prevented if the conditions that produce them are arrested early. Do not delay visiting the dentist in case you have a toothache – that is your body’s method of informing you it needs specialist help.

Have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Your dentist most likely has a dental care hygienist on staff. They are not there only for display – ensure you have your teeth cleaned professionally. Contact Schumer Family Dental Care, for more details.

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