Three Signs You Need To Visit An Emergency Dental Clinic In Charleston

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Dentist

It is never fun to seek emergency dental care in Charleston, SC, but it is necessary for taking care of an infection or injury. There comes a time when a dental procedure cannot wait for a regular appointment. Here are three signs you need to visit an emergency dental clinic.

Loose or Missing Tooth

A loose or missing tooth is not something to put off until a regular appointment, especially if there is a chance of fixing the problem on the spot. If you can recover the missing tooth, get to the emergency dentist immediately. There are many cases of a dentist putting the tooth back in its place. Otherwise, they can work on replacing the tooth altogether.

Painful, Bleeding Gums

Painful, bleeding gums are another sign you need emergency dental care in Charleston, SC. You may think you are brushing your teeth too hard, but it could be a sign of an infection or gum disease. If you are not visiting the dentist anytime soon, it is best to visit the emergency dentist rather than waiting until your next appointment.

A Dental Abscess

If you notice any signs of a dental abscess, contact your emergency dentist immediately. A dental abscess is an infection at the root of your tooth, which may have been caused by an untreated cavity, tooth injury or gum disease. You may need dental surgery to ensure the infection is drained properly.

It never hurts to find an emergency dental care in Charleston, SC, in advance, so you are prepared if there is a dental emergency. Solomon Family Dentistry offers high-quality emergency care, and you can learn more about this dentistry at website

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