Help Your Family Enjoy Healthy Teeth With an Expert Kids Dentist in Naperville

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Dentist

Most adults know that caring for their teeth is an important function of daily hygiene. Unfortunately, most children don’t truely understand this concept until they experience the pain of a toothache themselves. Sadly, this is usually too late to save the tooth and may require that a kids dentist in Naperville perform some extensive procedures to salvage what remains. The typical solution is to clean out any decay and cover the remaining shell with a crown. This way, the tooth is well protected from the stress of biting and chewing.

There are a variety of procedures that can help a child enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth, but most of them are not performed until the adult teeth erupt. For instance, when a child has crooked teeth it may be possible to cover this problem with a veneer. This solution could be an excellent alternative to braces when the issue is not that pronounced. In fact, a veneer can cover a number of problems including severe stains, chipped or damaged teeth and misshapen teeth. Just keep in mind that some kids dentist in Naperville won’t apply this cosmetic device until the teeth are fully developed. The alternative is to replace the veneer every time the teeth outgrow it, and this could get a little expensive for young children.

There is still a debate raging about the benefits of taking young children to a dentist and both sides make excellent points. However, there is one important reason to seek out a children’s dentist for your youngsters, and this is developing a familiarity with the dentist, their office and any equipment they use. This may help calm the fears that most children have regarding the dentist.

Another important aspect to consider with children is protecting the teeth. A dentist can do this by sealing them. That is, the teeth are coated with a protective sealant that should last for at least a year or two. Coating them protects the enamel from erosion and should help their teeth survive the rigors of childhood much better. This is useful in today’s society where people live much longer than they used to. Human teeth were originally capable of surviving until the person reached the end of their short, thirty-five year lifespan, however, they are capable of functioning for many decades when properly cared for. Contact the experts at Naperville Commons Dental for more information.

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