Tips on Choosing Orthodontists in St. Augustine

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Dentistry

The orthodontic field deals with the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions or bad bites in your teeth. These are simply irregularities that occur in the teeth which can be caused by varied reasons. The most common causes of malocclusions include genetic or inherited conditions, some kind of trauma and prolonged thumb sucking by kids which can result in some forms of bad bites. Another common cause of malocclusions is when the primary or baby teeth are prematurely lost at young age.

Whatever the causes, irregular teeth can be quite unsightly and may result in a drop in self confidence. They have also been associated with improper chewing, speech impairment and oral infections. Some of the most common malocclusions include overbites, open bites, underbites, unsightly gaps between the teeth, together with overcrowding of teeth. When you are choosing an orthodontist in St. Augustine to help correct these irregularities, there are certain factors that you should consider in order to ensure that your teeth is being handled by people who know their profession well.

Range of orthodontic treatments

This should be an important consideration. Is the dental practice offering the broadest range of orthodontic treatments which will guarantee you of results in a very short time? You will find many orthodontists who offer services such as braces, and invisalign treatment. The first appointment with orthodontists in St. Augustine should offer you a clue on the quality and range of service offered at the dental practice.

Wealth of experience

The wealth of experience of the orthodontists in St. Augustine should be uppermost in your list of priorities. The more experienced the orthodontists, the better your chances of achieving good results that can assure you of a quick attainment of perfect looking teeth. With experience also comes innovation that will help the orthodontists handle even more complex malocclusions on your teeth.

Comfortable orthodontic office

Is the orthodontic office comfortable and less intimidating? Is the staff friendly? You need to ensure that you choose an orthodontic practice with an office that is not just well equipped with state of the art equipment but which also puts you at ease. A well equipped office but with a laid back atmosphere that is not overwhelming will allow you to discuss the details of your malocclusions with the orthodontists in St. Augustine in a very comfortable way.

Flexible payment options

The cost of orthodontic treatment is always a prohibitive factor that keeps many with teeth irregularities from accessing the best treatment. You need to ensure that the orthodontic center offers good rates and that the payment methods are flexible enough so that you can manage them over a long period of time. Discussing the payment options with orthodontists will help you decide on a host options that you feel will work for you based on your financial situation.

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