Is it Time to Consider a Dental Deep Cleaning in Reno, NV?

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Dentist

While many patients are familiar with routine teeth cleaning, they may be surprised when the dentist recommends what’s known as a Dental Deep Cleaning in Reno NV. This type of procedure is necessary when certain types of dental issues are present. Here are a couple of examples when the dentist will suggest that the time has come to move forward with a deep cleaning.

Evidence of Bone Loss

One of the reasons for recommending a Dental Deep Cleaning in Reno NV is that X-rays indicate some amount of bone loss. While still in the early stages, the dentist will want to do whatever is possible to avoid any further deterioration. One of the approaches the professional will employ is a deep cleaning. By removing additional residue and bacteria, it’s possible to slow the process of bone loss and ensure that the jawbones remain stronger for a longer period of time. Once the cleaning is completed, the dentist can talk with the patient about other measures that would help to prevent further bone loss and allow the individual to enjoy better dental health for more years.

The Presence of Gum Pockets

Sometimes known as periodontal pockets, gum pockets develop when there is a loss of bone and other tissue around the base of a tooth. This creates a situation where the tooth is not as firmly embedded in the gum. Since the tooth is looser, there’s a greater chance of damage that ultimately leads to the loss of the tooth. Before the dental professional can take the steps necessary to fill in those pockets, they must be cleaned properly. Removing any decayed material and residue serves to prevent infections and aids in the task of stabilizing the tooth.

Taking proper care of the teeth and gums does require the help of a professional. If it’s been some time since the individual has sought this type of help, today is the ideal time to contact Reno Dental and arrange for a dental examination. In the best-case scenario, the teeth and gums will be healthy and the patient will need nothing more than a standard cleaning. Click here to know more.

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