Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN for Exceptional Oral Enhancement

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Dentistry

Dental medicine has come so far in recent years. There are oral corrective procedures that return the most complex dental problems to normal. Cosmetic dentistry in Indianapolis IN whitens smiles, straightens teeth, and changes unwanted attributes in the oral makeup of a patient. Veneers are close-fitted overlays placed on the front surface of teeth to change its shape, size, and color.

Candidates for this procedure have relatively healthy natural tooth enamel with the desire to make superficial improvements. Veneers change the appearance of chipped teeth, discoloration, oddly shaped teeth, gaps, and more. It can protect weakened tooth enamel by shielding it from exposure. Veneers are thin shell casings that are bonded to each tooth individually. The dental alignment keeps a natural and comfortable fit in the mouth with the added materials being so subtle. Also called laminates, the materials merge so well with natural enamel that there is no way to distinguish it from natural teeth.

In-office teeth whitening procedures is a safe and thorough way to brighten a smile. The smile can be whitened up to twelve shades in one sitting. The dental science behind teeth whitening is a fast acting hydrogen peroxide gel and LED light. A dentist for Cosmetic Dentistry in Indianapolis IN completes the procedure in several fifteen-minute stages. Tooth enamel grows shades whiter with each treatment. The LED light stimulates a reaction from the gel to remove stains. Patients are sent home with a personal whitening treatment system that preserves results. The procedure has a bleaching affect on the teeth that removes stains from deep under the surface too. With conscientious personal oral hygiene, an attractive white smile can be sustained permanently after professional whitening.

The wonderful changes dental implants does for a smile is widespread knowledge. There is access to this procedure from most dental practices. Dental implants replace a few teeth or a whole set. The materials are fixed to the teeth in a way that emulates the framework of natural teeth. They are permanently adhered to the tooth roots to perform as natural teeth would. The artificial teeth are made of strong porcelain or other composite resin materials that will not wear down easily. With proper oral care, implants are low maintenance and require few or no revision procedures. Visit Website Domain to learn more.

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