Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Dental Service in Syracuse, NY

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Dentist

Much of the population begins to slightly panic when they are told they need root canal Dental Service Syracuse NY. Many people mistakenly believe this procedure is a complicated one that will end up causing them to be in pain. The truth is, a root canal is carried out to relieve the pain a patient is feeling and allow them to protect the health of their tooth. While this procedure is often maligned, it is vital for stopping the damage caused by an infected pulp.

When an infection occurs inside a tooth, an abscess can begin to develop. These pockets of infection can be extremely painful and difficult to treat without a root canal treatment. A root canal is carried out to remove the diseased tissue of the tooth. In some cases, the dentist will also remove the nerve during this Dental Service Syracuse NY. The nerve is no longer needed for normal function, and its removal helps stop the pain.

The dentist opens the tooth with a special dental tool, so access is granted to the inner portions. The dentist must carefully remove the infected tissue and clean the minute canals that branch through the roots of the teeth. Special canal files are used for this process to guarantee all of the diseased and infected tissues are removed before the tooth is sealed.

If the tooth is badly infected, the dentist will treat the infection to prevent further issues with the health of the tooth. The tooth will not be permanently sealed until the dentist can verify all signs of infection are removed. The dentist will typically place a temporary filling in the tooth while treating a patient for infection.

To replace the spongy pulp that was removed from the tooth, the dentist will use gutta-percha. This material comes from the Malaysian latex tree. It allows a tooth to expand and contract without damage occurring. A hard sealant is applied on top of the gutta-percha to prevent damage.

Although many people mistakenly believe a root canal procedure will cause them further pain, they can rest assured the discomfort felt is minor and likened to having a tooth filled. Those who would like further information about this and other dental treatments can visit . Call Elite Dental & Denture PC to schedule your appointment.

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