What You Need To Establish When Offering Dental Offices For Sale In Arizona

In Arizona, dental practice owners must answer vital questions about their property when selling. These answers provide prospective buyers with the details they need to make a sound choice. The following questions help sellers establish what they need to know when offering dental offices for sale in Arizona.

What Transition Requirements Apply to the Sale?

The purchase of a dental practice involves a transition from one dental professional to another. During the sale, the new dentist acquires the existing dentist’s roster of patients. The transition period defines factors that could affect earnings for the new owner. It also enables the existing dentist to encourage their patients to transfer to the new dental professional’s care.

When Can the Owner Expect the Practice to Sell?

Dental practices that are located in highly-coveted areas sell typically within the first twelve weeks. However, several factors affect the sale. These factors include the demand for dental care in the area, property taxes, and operational costs. If any of these factors go against the existing owner, they can expect the sale to be completed in up to five years.

How Does a Covenant Not to Compete Affect a Dental Practice Sale?

A covenant not to compete prevents the existing dental professional from competing with the new owner. They cannot use advertising that implies that the services provided by the new dentist are inferior to their own. They cannot use any related tactics to discourage any patient from using the new dental services. The convent is enforced and legally actionable if a violation occurs.

How Does a Transitions Expert Help with the Sale?

A transition expert helps the existing owner identify the true value of the property. They review the earnings of the existing dentist for the last three years. They compare these earnings to operational expenses. They also factor in the effects of changes that could impact this earning potential. The full assessment identifies the value in which the owner should list the property.

In Arizona, a dental practice offers buyers the potential for a lucrative business. However, to achieve a high earning capacity, they must assess certain factors. The location of the practice defines the volume of patients who visit the practice. The expense of operating the practice defines how much profits remain with the new owners. Buyers who are looking for dental offices for sale in Arizona visit the website.

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