Implants Through Family Dental in Salisbury NC

The loss of natural teeth often strikes patients hard. Modern implants can give people a better quality of life if they have lost their teeth – but implant placement is often a financial burden. Find out what a dental implant can cost and what factors affect the price by contacting Family Dental in Salisbury NC.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a form of a denture. It refers to, in most cases, the implantation of an artificial tooth root directly into the jawbone. They are used to replace missing teeth.

On an implant, the artificial tooth root, crowns, bridges or removable dentures are anchored. It takes on the role of a natural tooth root. A dental implant, therefore, replaces individual, several or even all the person’s natural teeth.

Dental implants can consist of two different materials:

  • Titanium
  • Ceramics

Titanium is the material most commonly used. It has excellent biocompatibility and is used worldwide. There are also ceramic implants, but these are not as common as titanium-based implants.

What types of dental implants are there?

The two-part implant system consists of an implant body – this is inserted into the jawbone – and the so-called abutment, on which the dentures are placed. In the one-piece implant system, the abutment is incorporated directly into the implant body. The different implant types differ in their length.

The following types of implants are available:

  • Standard Dental Implants are eight to fourteen millimeters long.
  • Short dental implants are short in length and are usually between six and eight millimeters. They can be used in a heavily degraded jawbone.
  • Orthodontic implants are mostly used in orthodontics and are used to correct crooked teeth.
  • Disk implants: This type of implant differs significantly from conventional dental implants. Its base is a circular platform that is inserted into the jaws of the jaw.

Additional costs to consider

There may be a need to perform a bone graft. In most cases, dental insurance will not cover the entire procedure -; if any. Therefore, this treatment may also increase dental implant costs. In the case of a bone graft, there are various procedures to consider.

A “sinus lift” may be performed, for example, by Family Dental in Salisbury NC. This will increase bone formation in the lateral upper jaw. Find more information here.

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