The Most Common Forms Of Preventative Dental Care In Trumbull CT

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Dentist

When a person suffers from poor oral hygiene, it will often lead to the formation of cavities and other pressing issues that are likely to cause pain and leave a person with a lackluster smile. Fortunately, there is a wide array of preventative Dental Care in Trumbull CT that helps to stave off more dangerous issues and gives a person a stunning smile. While regular brushing and flossing is the first line of defense against common problems, most dentists recommend having the following procedures completed on a routine basis.

Dental Cleanings

A professional dental cleaning is designed to remove the residual buildup of tartar and plaque that isn’t removed during regular brushing and flossing. A hygienist will use a pressurized water tool to remove the debris, and then they will floss the teeth to ensure that there is not a buildup up present between them. Finally, they will polish the teeth to restore their sheen and remove any surface stains.

Professional Exams

Professionals that provide Dental Care in Trumbull CT recommend having an examination two times per year, during which they will individually inspect each of the teeth and look for the presence of decay and physical damage. It is also crucial to tell the doctor about any pain and discomfort that may be present, as it is usually one of the first indicators of an underlying problem. If the doctor notices any significant issues, they will discuss them afterward and design a custom treatment plan.


Not all issues are visible from the outside, and in some cases, decay may be lurking just underneath the surface. An x-ray takes a look at the interior of a tooth and allows the doctor to identify any problems and treat them before they lead to infection or discomfort. Though most dentists recommend a full set of x-rays once every three years, individual teeth may require more frequent examination if problems arise.

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