A Child Should Visit A Pediatric Dentist In Grand Prairie TX When They Reach Their First Birthday

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Dentistry

A little bundle of joy grows up quickly, and by the time they reach one year of age, their teeth are beginning to arrive through their gums. A child’s first birthday is a great time to have them visit a Pediatric dentist in Grand Prairie TX. When a child starts their dental care early in their life, they will have a better opportunity to learn how to care for their teeth for the rest of their life.

A pediatric dentist will be able to identify any problems a child might have with their gums or teeth and will teach a parent how to properly clean and care for their child’s teeth and gums. Once a child’s teeth begin to erupt from the gums, they should not be fed through a bottle, and sugary drinks should be limited. Regular brushing and cleaning will reduce the opportunity for decay to develop in the baby teeth.

Eating Habits

The eating habits of a child are more than reducing the chance of obesity. Healthy eating habits will be stressed by a pediatric dentist to reduce decay and gum disease as a child grows. Sugar and starch will eat away at the enamel on the teeth and put a baby to bed with a bottle of a sugary drink or milk will increase their chance of decay.

Adult Teeth

As the baby teeth leave the mouth and the adult teeth arrive, early intervention with spacing problems in the mouth could eliminate the need for braces. A Pediatric dentist in Grand Prairie TX can guide a child’s teeth into the right position with minimally invasive techniques. When the teeth are properly aligned, they will support the facial structure of a child’s face and improve their chewing capabilities.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can develop as early as the teenage years. If gum disease begins to develop, the dentist will develop a plan to reduce the chance of the child losing their teeth in the future because of the disease.

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