What is a Dental Bridge?

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Dental Care

Have You Recently Been Told You Need a Dental Bridge?

Your dentist will be the person who tells you that you need a dental bridge, but a dental lab will actually create the product for them. So, what exactly is a dental bridge, and how will it be made by the dental lab? By knowing some of the steps in the process, such as where your product will be made and how long it will potentially take, can be helpful in the process. Here are a few things to help you understand these questions.

What are dental bridges? Dental bridges bridge the gap caused by missing teeth. These gaps are usually supported by crowns that are found on both sides of the gap. These bridges can either be supported by your natural teeth or, if you need it, implants. The advantages of having these bridges can fix your smile, can help you chew, keep current teeth from drifting, maintain your face shape, and many other things. Your dentist will recommend this for you, but where will they get these bridges from?

What is a dental lab and what do they do? The dental lab will make the dental bridge for you. They specialize in many things such as implants, crowns, and much more. Your dental office will send your molds off to the dental lab and they will create the product that you need. You will most likely not have to deal with the dental lab directly, instead your dentist will. Dental labs are full of highly trained specialists, with the most current products, that will be able to make the perfect product for you. Their products are ADA approved and will last you a lifetime, or at least close to it.

So how long will it take before my product is sent? Most dental labs only take a few weeks, at most, to send their products out. Your dentist will receive this product, but you should expect a little bit of waiting period before you get your product. Make sure that you know how long it will be before you have to get the procedure to get your product put into your mouth. Times will vary, but it should never be too long of a waiting period. The professionals at Dental Laboratory Associates can help answer any questions you may have about dental bridges in Markham ON.

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