FAQs That A Cosmetic Dentist In Arlington, TX Can Answer

In Texas, cosmetic dentistry is provided to correct aesthetic issues related to smiles. For patients, the services are needed to improve their self-esteem and eliminate imperfections. The treatments correct common issues that hinder the appearance of the smile. A Cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX offers a variety of services that improve the way the smile looks.

When Should Patients Avoid Whitening Treatments?

Patients with existing allergies to peroxide shouldn’t receive teeth whitening treatments. The allergic reaction leads to swelling and bleeding of the gums. Additionally, patients with any existing tooth damage shouldn’t get the treatments. The peroxide solution could enter into holes or breaks in the tooth and cause serious pain for the patient. The dentist performs repairs before any whitening treatments are performed.

What Procedures are Needed Before Dental Implant Surgery?

Any patients with weakened jawbones require bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone. The dentist evaluates the strength of the jaw after each bone graft. Some patients require several bone grafts to prepare for the dental implantation surgery.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The dental implants provide a more natural looking smile for the patient. The devices are installed permanently and function the same as natural teeth. The patient won’t experience the same disadvantages as patients who choose dentures. They won’t have to worry about their teeth falling out or causing speech-related issues. The implants are held in place with a titanium root and won’t produce odd sounds.

How are Veneers Installed?

The dentist creates a small indention into the front of the tooth enamel. The veneer is cut and shaped to fit the tooth properly. The dentist positions the veneer over the front of the tooth and bonds it with an ultraviolet lamp. The veneers cover up tooth discoloration and help dentists reshape the teeth.

In Texas, cosmetic dentistry encompasses a variety of services that improve the aesthetics of the smile. The dentists perform the procedures in one visit in most cases. Among the treatments are teeth whitening and veneer installations. The dentists correct the shape of the tooth as well as damage. Patients who want to schedule an appointment with a Cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX can get more information here now.

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