Sleep Dentistry – Why You Should Never Be Afraid of Your Dentist Again

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Dentistry

What is sleep dentistry? Sleep dentistry, or sedation dentistry, is a way of helping patients who are afraid of having their teeth worked on by their dentist. If you always feel pain or anxiety when seeing a dentist, you should try sleep dentistry in Plano.

Different Sedation Techniques

Before getting sedated, your dentist will talk to you first to determine your level of anxiety. Depending on the dental procedure that needs to be done, here are the safe sedation techniques that a dentist can use.

Nitrous Oxide

This is the safest and mildest sedative that dentists use. It is safe even for kids. It is also known as laughing gas and it is inhaled by wearing a mask. The amount of gas released through the mask is controlled by the dentist.

Taking a Medication Orally

Patients with a low tolerance to pain are the most afraid to see a dentist. They are even afraid to wear a mask, hence the best way to keep them calm is by giving them oral sedation.

With oral sedation, there is a chance that you can fall asleep during the procedure and just wake up feeling better knowing that your dental problem has been fixed.

Intravenous Sedation

If you are not afraid of IVs and needles but afraid of your dentist poking your mouth, IV sedation is for you. With this type, the sedative entering your bloodstream is mild and you can still answer your dentist’s questions from time to time.

Your dentist loves to give you the best service they can. They want to fix your oral problem, and if needed, they can do surgeries to make you feel and look better. If your pain tolerance is low or you are just afraid of a dentist, tell your dentist. With sleep dentistry in Plano, you can have your dental problems fixed anytime. For more information about sleep dentistry, you can visit Lone Star Dental Care.

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