Important Aspects to Consider Before Buying Dental Offices For Sale in San Diego

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Dental

By purchasing one of the dental offices for sale in San Diego, a dentist who is ready to run his or her clinic will enjoy the advantages of that decision. However, the dentist will also have concerns that must be addressed before opening for business.

Keeping Attrition Low

For instance, the dentist will want to keep patient attrition as low as possible even though some are bound to leave once their dentist has retired or moved on. One proactive measure would be to send a postcard to all the clinic’s current patients and welcome them to be customers of the new dentist. The postcard might offer a free cleaning with an appointment for a checkup or a discount for those preventive services.

Current Employees

Even before buying one of the dental offices for sale in San Diego, the new owner must decide what to do about the current employees. The employees should have been notified by the previous owner well in advance of when the practice was going up for sale. Those who wanted to find a new place of employment with an already-established clinic could do so.

The employees who stay on are taking a risk that the new dentist will want to bring on an entirely different staff or that they simply won’t get along well with the new owner. Dentists who buy clinics from a brokerage such as website should understand that many of the patients are likely attached to the hygienist they have been seeing twice a year for many years. Terminating everyone’s employment is likely to create bad attitudes among the patient base and in the community as well.

Getting Started

Once a dentist is ready to own a practice, the individual may start with a brokerage’s listings and view the possibilities. This can be the first step toward becoming an entrepreneur while also providing excellent medical care in the form of dentistry and oral health for patients. The customer base of the clinic may have patients ranging in age from infancy to elderly years, and some may have been loyal to the clinic for a very long time.

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