Signs it’s Time for Root Canals in Del City, OK

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Dentist

No one wants to hear they need Root Canals in Del City OK while at the dentist’s office. Unfortunately, this is something thousands of people are forced to deal with every year. The good news is, while root canals aren’t exactly fun, modern technology has made the procedure faster and less uncomfortable than ever before.

However, there are some people who don’t know when this procedure is needed. If this is the case, then the information here may prove to be beneficial. Keep reading to find out the signs that a person may need a root canal.

Tooth Pain

While tooth pain can be the result of many things, it’s also the first sign that a person may need Root Canals in Del City OK. What makes that type of pain different from just normal tooth pain is that it is going to get worse when biting down or when any pressure is put on the tooth in question.


There are millions of people who have sensitive teeth. Just because a person has some degree of sensitivity, especially when it comes to cold or hot drinks and food, it doesn’t always mean that a root canal is needed. However, individuals who do require a root canal are going to experience sensitivity that won’t go away after the cold or hot element has been removed. When a root canal is needed, the pain related to sensitivity is going to hang around for quite a while.

Gum Inflammation

When it is time for a person to have a root canal, it isn’t going to be just the tooth that shows signs of a problem. The gums close to the painful tooth may also let a person know it’s time for a root canal. Typically, the gums will get swollen, painful, and have raised, small bumps on them.

When it comes to issues with the teeth and mouth, it’s important not to ignore them, as they are only going to get worse as time passes. More information about when a root canal is needed can be found by contacting the staff at Sunnylane Family Dentistry. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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