Seeing a Pediatric Dentist in Arlington TX Because of Flourosis

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Dental Care

Fluorosis occurs when a child between 6 months and 5-6 years old absorbs too much fluoride. It is during this period that their adult teeth are forming inside the gum. This enamel anomaly is not always benign; it can sometimes distort the child’s teeth and be perceived as embarrassing.

In limited quantities, fluoride strengthens the enamel so that it can better defend the teeth against acid attacks and, thus, reduce the risk of cavities. That’s why it’s also added to toothpaste. In its severe form, fluorosis creates streaks on the surface of the teeth, which can promote the formation of cavities.

Teeth can also turn yellowish because of fluorosis. If your child is experiencing this issue, it is best to contact a pediatric dentist in Arlington TX.

Fluorosis: white spots on the teeth

Severe forms of fluorosis are rare in developed countries, but they are very present in countries where groundwater naturally contains a lot of fluoride, as is the case in some parts of India or South America. Some countries even add fluoride in its water to fight cavities among locals. In countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, no fluoride is added to drinking water.

These countries say that fluoride is not essential for development and, given the limited safety margin, it is simply not added to tap water. Local use of fluoride, as in toothpaste or mouthwashes, is more effective against decay than absorption via water and / or food. It may be a good idea to speak with a pediatric dentist in Arlington TX to see if your child needs fluoride.

How can people remove fluoride spots?

At the pediatric level, dentists cannot do anything about it. Since fluorosis is in the enamel, your dentist will not be able to remove it by polishing without causing significant damage. If it’s still what you want for your child, it will be necessary to apply a protective layer on the tooth.

It is better to opt for dental veneers. The most beautiful veneers are those made of porcelain. Porcelain has the advantage of being a material that stays white at all time and is also very resistant. Contact Carrier Dentistry to learn more.

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