Request an Evaluation for a Smile Makeover

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Dentistry

While having functional teeth and gums is essential, you will also want to have an attractive smile. If you have stained or damaged teeth, then a cosmetic dentist in Itasca, Il., can evaluate your dental health to offer solutions. With a smile makeover, you can have customized dental treatments that meet your specific needs. You might need only one treatment, or perhaps, you will need numerous procedures to improve your smile, but undergoing cosmetic treatments can improve your overall self-esteem.

Have Your Teeth Whitened by a Dentist

Whitening the teeth to remove deep stains from tobacco or food is one of the most popular treatments available from a cosmetic dentist in Itasca, and it is a fast and noninvasive procedure. The dentist will place plastic devices in your mouth to collect saliva before applying a protective substance on your gums. After this substance dries, the dentist applies a hydrogen peroxide solution on your teeth. When water is injected into your mouth, it will create a bubbling reaction with the hydrogen peroxide, and this will lift the stains from the enamel on your teeth.

Contact Our Dental Facility Today to Receive New Dental Crowns

A cosmetic dentist in Itasca can provide additional treatments, including replacing old metallic fillings with color-matching materials. After this treatment, you can also have other problems fixed such as replacing old dental crowns that are protecting your damaged teeth. Some dental crowns last as long as 20 years, but the crowns that are near the front of the mouth tend to degrade faster. Today, replacing a dental crown is faster and easier because dental facilities have modern computer software to design the restorations. For additional information, you can contact Brian Homann, DDS.

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