Modern Cosmetic Dentists in Toms River, NJ: Taking a Closer Look at the Two Most Prominent Treatment Options

Although the idea of enhancing the appearance of our teeth seems like a 21st-century innovation, it’s worth mentioning that aesthetic dental enhancements have been around since 700 BCE when ancient Etruscan civilizations were renowned for crafting dentures out of ivory and bone to replace missing teeth.

However, the arena of restorative dentistry has come a long way since then and we now have access to an incredible assortment of treatment options that can revitalize our smiles with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

So if you’ve been hoping to learn more about your local cosmetic dentists in Toms River, NJ this brief article will highlight some of the most impactful procedures available in today’s day and age.

Professional Tooth Whitening

If you’ve been struggling with coffee stains, discoloration, or incessant yellowing, it’s important to note that cosmetic dentists specialize in being able to rejuvenate tooth enamel in a safe and effectual manner.

In stark contrast to the sensitivity-inducing OTC products found in your local grocery store, professional tooth whitening procedures are specially formulated to protect your enamel, remove years of staining, and whiten your smile by up to 12 shades in as little as two or three appointments. Click here to see how a team of cosmetic dentists can enhance your smile in a cost-effective fashion.

Permanent Implants

Chipped, missing, or cracked teeth can leave you susceptible to bone degradation, infections, and countless other oral maladies, which is why permanent dental implants are becoming so popular nowadays:

1. First, your team of cosmetic dentists will create a personalized plan to account for any gaps, spaces, or openings in your jaw.
2. Then, you will be given anesthesia to mitigate discomfort during the procedure.
3. After implementing a lifelike root into your bone structure, the practitioner will install a natural-looking tooth to reestablish a proper facial
structure and healthy smile.
4. The resulting implant will last for life.

As you can see by now, your local dental practitioner represents an integral healthcare partner in today’s day and age. Feel free to schedule an introductory visit as soon as possible; you’ll be able to establish a suitable, affordable plan to address all of your oral conditions.

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