What Should Patients Know About Restorative Dentistry in Woodland Park CO?

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Dentist

With Restorative Dentistry in Woodland Park CO, a patient can overcome a wide array of cosmetic and functional dental issues so their smile can be transformed. Before getting started with restorative treatments, a patient needs to schedule a consultation appointment with their dentist so the dentist can draw up a plan of care.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the restoration of the teeth. Whether a tooth is missing or badly damaged, these dental treatments offer hope to patients and allow their smiles to be properly restored. The following are the most important components of Restorative Dentistry in Woodland Park CO.

* Dental implants can be used to permanently replace missing teeth so the patient’s smile is made fully complete. Implants consist of the titanium base, the abutment, and the crown.

* Restorative dentistry also offers dental crowns. Crowns are tooth-shaped shells that are used to cover teeth that have been made vulnerable due to decay or injury. Dental crowns also make the smile look more attractive by covering up unattractive teeth.

* Bridgework allows missing teeth to be replaced so a person’s smile is made whole. A bridge consists of two crowns and the artificial tooth or teeth that bridge the gap. Bridgework offers a natural-looking option for tooth replacement.

* Teeth fillings of the past were silver and greatly marred the appearance of the teeth. Today, dentists can replace these old fillings with aesthetic fillings that are tooth-colored so they blend in well with the teeth.

* Dentures are also offered as a part of restorative dental care. When a patient is missing some or all of their teeth, the dentist can offer partials or full sets of dentures to replace those missing teeth and give a person back their smile.

Call For an Appointment

With restorative dentistry, smiles are transformed for better chewing, speaking, and confidence. Contact the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry right away so your consultation appointment can be scheduled. They offer a wide array of restorative dental services to help their patients overcome tooth loss and improve the appearance and function of their smiles. Follow us on Twitter.

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