Let Teeth Whitening in Kalamazoo MI Bring Out the Shine in Those Beautiful Pearly Whites

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Dental

There are a variety of techniques to improve one’s teeth including the use of veneers, bonding, shaping and various other tricks. However, the most requested process is Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo MI. There are many reasons for this like the desire to dazzle someone with those pearly whites or the fact that most over the counter products fail to deliver on their promises. It may also be the fact that the effect of dental whitening is almost immediate even though the final results may not be visible for seven to ten days.

Teeth Whitening Kalamazoo MI works by spreading a paste or gel over the teeth and introducing a bit of water after the solution is in place. The water is necessary because the paste or gel is made from a version of peroxide known as Carbamide Peroxide. This chemical is similar to hydrogen peroxide, but is milder on the mouth when used in this method. One reason for this is that the water causes a chemical reaction that converts the peroxide to hydrogen peroxide. This helps to push the chemical into the teeth where those deep set stains are found.

After the water has had time to complete the reaction, the chemicals are rinsed away so the patient can see the results. This takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half an hour. Teeth whitening will typically present a bright white that smooths out over the next few days. Unfortunately, this procedure is not for every patient. For instance, any person with certain types of previous dental work could end up with a psychedelic smile. That is, a smile where treated teeth stand out from normal ones. This happens because treatments such as bonding, caps or crowns will not change color.

The easiest way to hide dental whitening concerns is with a veneer. This is because the veneer is designed to cover the front or visible portions of the teeth. If the issue is mild, then the dentist may be able to hide it using simple bonding techniques. Keep in mind that this solution requires some finesse because there is little room for most teeth to expand so the bonded material will need to be very thin. For more details contact Company Name.

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