3 Great Ways to Renew Your Smile

A smile is very important to how people perceive each other and themselves. No matter what issue is keeping your smile from shining the way it should, there are great ways to renew and restore it.

Although there are many ways to liven up a smile, here are just three of the best ways to do that:

Teeth Whitening

Various procedures are able to restore the original color of teeth or even make them whiter than they started. There are many ways to do this at home but the most efficient and effective method is at a dental office. Whitening procedures consists of bleach that is applied directly to the teeth and a combination of laser, light and/or heat to help achieve results faster. When you walk away from an in-office whitening appointment, you will be able to see the difference in your teeth.

Tooth Implants

The tooth implantation process is very much worth it for those who have lost a tooth or may need to pull a tooth in the future. Not only do they improve how a smile looks, they help people speak better again and eat with greater ease and comfort.

Missing teeth can be a frustrating ordeal and tooth implants are a great permanent fix for the problems that come along with that. Dental implants are a common procedure and many people are surprised at how many people they know actually have implants.

Porcelain Veneers

There are two main functions of a porcelain veneer in dentistry and they are to protect the surface of the tooth from damage (Full veneers) and to enhance the look of the tooth cosmetically (Laminate veneers). Veneers are either made of porcelain, ceramic or composite.

Porcelain is the more popular choice for most people since they are more durable and less likely to get stained as easily. Most veneers last anywhere from 10-30 years although they will need to be replaced at some point due to wear and tear over time.

All three of these procedures are great options for those that want to turn their smiles up a few notches. Whether the issues are with missing teeth, gaps in the teeth or unsightly stains on the teeth there are solutions for all of these frustrating issues. Elite Dental Care provides many dental procedures such as whitening, implants and porcelain veneers in Downers Grove and they are dedicated to giving everyone the smile of their dreams.

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