Get Specialty Dental Services in a Comfortable Environment

When you have periodontal disease, your general dentist might make a referral to our Chicago periodontics practice. We take care of the periodontitis and related conditions that put you at risk of loss of gum tissue, loss of your teeth and damage to your jaw bones. Our periodontists provide compassionate care in a comfortable environment. We understand that many people either dislike or fear going to the dentist. Our office staff, hygienists and periodontists do everything possible to put you at ease. We take the time to answer your questions, address your concerns and inform you so that you can be a partner in your healthcare.

When you are told that you have a serious oral health condition such as periodontitis, this is a call to action that you must not ignore. By getting periodontal treatment when the disease is in its early stages, you can put a halt to the damage. Periodontal disease is a serious risk to your health. Bacteria growing in your gum tissue may affect your teeth and jaw bones. They may spread into other parts of your body, putting you at an increased risk of a heart attack, stroke or blood infection.

We offer a range of periodontal treatments. Our deep cleaning, planning and scaling procedures remove bacteria from deep in your gum tissue. Several deep cleanings may be all that you need in order to reduce the inflammation and swelling of your gums. We also offer more intensive surgical and medical treatment if your periodontal disease is at a moderate or advanced stage.

When you are in need of Chicago periodontics care, contact us at the Art of Modern Dentistry. You may also visit us online to learn more about our periodontic specialty services.

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