Getting a Better Understanding of Restorative Dentistry in Indianapolis, IN

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Dental Care

Often times, people look at restorative dentistry in the same way as cosmetic dentistry. It is true that these two specialties tend to mingle when it comes to certain procedures, but restorative dentistry in Indianapolis IN can be considered something that does a lot of the heavy lifting when a person is dealing with a difficult dental situation. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, tends to put some of the finer details on a person’s dental work to give them the perfect smile.

The Heavy Lifting

Restorative dentistry can be quite an involved process. This type of dentistry helps people to regain function of their teeth whether they have suffered from a degenerative condition or had an accident that caused significant trauma to their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry will often use things like veneers and implants as well as other treatments. While restorative dentistry uses the same techniques, they do so not necessarily to improve a person smile as much as to help a person regain use of their dental structure.

It Takes Time

It is important to understand that, when a person is looking at the procedures provided by a restorative dentist, it’s not something that typically is going to happen overnight. There are some procedures that can be done that can make an immediate impact, but when a person is considering something such as an implant, the process is actually quite lengthy. For example, a bone graft needs to take place to give the dental implant a place to be properly secured in the jawline. These sort of graphs can take anywhere from three to six months to properly integrate into a person’s jawbone. This is even before a post can be inserted or the actual implant itself can be inserted.

This is just one example of what restorative dentistry in Indianapolis IN has to offer. There are many other procedures that a restorative dentist can use to help you regain function of your teeth. That’s why, if you had a degenerative dental condition or you had an accident that has caused you to lose a number of teeth, you may want to check out Website Domain to see what they have to offer.

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