The Most Common Oral Health Problems That Require Examination By A Dentist In Smyrna TN

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Dentist

Few things are as painful and debilitating as issues related to oral health. Many people put off visiting the dentist, either out of a fear of the unknown or due to apprehension from a bad experience with a dentist in the past. Waiting will often cause the problem to become worse and more painful, but treatment from a Dentist in Smyrna TN will allow a person to obtain relief and will help stop the spread of infection and the formation of additional complications.

Cavities and Broken Fillings

A cavity is a common issue, but if left untreated it may lead to the formation of extreme sensitivity when exposed to hot or cold liquids and food. Even teeth that have been filled in the past are prone to cavity issues, as the filling material will break down over time and require replacement. A dentist will conduct the needed x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or cavity and install a new filling to bring about immediate relief and restore regular chewing.

Bleeding Gums

Even when a person vigorously brushes and flosses their teeth, they should not experience bleeding of the gums, which is typically an indicator of gum disease. More often than not gum disease is a direct result of poor oral hygiene, though it is sometimes caused by underlying health issues, such as diabetes. Let a Dentist in Smyrna TN determine the extent of the disease and recommend a treatment plan that will restore circulation and improve overall gum health in as little as four weeks.

Loose and Unstable Teeth

A loose tooth makes eating foods difficult, and if not promptly remedied may lead to a fracture or break that creates an excessive amount of discomfort. Let a dentist determine the cause of a loose tooth and decide whether it should be removed and replaced with a crown, or if possible, restore it through the use of cosmetic procedures. Taking action at the first sign of trouble will prevent the formation of future problems and unwarranted pain.

A dentist will help anyone maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. The team at Ascent Dental is a leading provider of general and cosmetic dental services and offers a variety of treatment options that are designed to reduce discomfort. Call today to schedule a new patient exam and take control of any oral health issues without delay. Like us on Facebook.

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