Dental Bridges in Newark NJ: What They are and When to Get Them

Dental Bridges in Newark NJ are used to (as the name implies) bridge a gap that is the result of one, or several, missing teeth. Typically, a bridge is constructed with two or more crowns for a person’s teeth and placed on either side of the gap. Thez anchoring teeth for the bridge (the ones on each side) are referred to as abutment teeth and the false teeth are placed in the gap.

Pontics is the official name for false teeth, and these are typically made of gold, porcelain, alloys or a combination of all these materials. The dental bridges are then supported by implants or a person’s natural teeth.

Advantages Offered by Dental Bridges

There are several advantages offered by dental bridges. These include the fact that they help to restore a person’s smile, restore their ability to properly speak and chew, help to maintain a person’s natural face shape, and prevent the remaining teeth from moving out of their proper position.

Types of Dental Bridges

If a person’s dentist recommends Dental Bridges in Newark NJ, they will discover there are several kinds of bridges to choose from, which are listed here.

• Traditional bridges: This involves the creation of a crown for the implant or tooth on each side of the missing tooth, and then placing pontic in the middle.

• Cantilever bridges: Used if there is an adjacent tooth just on one side of the tooth or teeth that are missing.

• Maryland bonded bridges: This is when porcelain or metal wings on one side of a bridge are bonded to the existing teeth.

Who are Dental Bridges Right For?

If a person is missing one or more teeth, then they may be a candidate for dental bridges. However, it is best for them to work with their dentist to ensure this is the right option.

Missing one or more teeth can not only be bad for a person’s oral health, but it can also cause them to feel self-conscious in professional and personal interactions. As a result, a dental bridge may be a smart solution. Learn more about dental bridges if they are the right option by contacting the staff at ChildSmilesFamilySmiles or Browse the website.

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