Young Patient Age Considerations for an Implant Dentist in Dallas

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Dental Care

Children and teenagers are more prone than adults to having their teeth damaged in some type of accident. If a permanent front tooth is knocked out and cannot be saved, a dentist can replace it with a bridge. The parents may eventually bring their youngster to an implant dentist in Dallas when the jawbone has finished growing.

Reasons for More Frequent Mouth Injuries

Young kids generally aren’t as coordinated as teenagers and adults. They haven’t learned essential protective skills to prevent mouth injury while roughhousing or falling. Children and teens also are typically more involved in athletics because of physical education requirements, team sports and playground activity.

Age and Bone Growth

Although each patient is different, an implant dentist in Dallas usually waits until a girl is at least 15 and a boy is 17 before placing the metal rod in the jaw. If the bone growth is not complete by then, waiting another year or two is advisable.

Some individuals do not reach skeletal maturity until their 20s. This can be frustrating for the teenager who looks forward to replacing the bridge with an implant, but there is an important reason to avoid having this done too early.

Why Waiting Is Essential

After the metal rod has been surgically placed in the jawbone, full healing may require four to eight months. It’s crucial for the implant to remain stable within the bone during that time so that the rod fuses completely. That cannot happen if the bone is growing and changing shape.

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