Why a Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow OK Is an Excellent Choice for Kids Through the Teen Years

by | May 4, 2019 | Dental

A Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow OK treats children like the youngsters they are and not simply like miniature adults. Starting appointments early on, at least by the age of 2 years old, helps children get accustomed to routine dental care and avoid developing anxiety about the process. They learn to view dental care as a positive aspect of their lives.

Age Range for Pediatric Dental Care

Infants, toddlers, children of elementary school age and teenagers can all be patients of a Pediatric Dentist in Broken Arrow OK. All the permanent teeth except for the wisdom teeth usually have grown in before the teen years, but a person’s mouth is normally not fully developed until the age of 17 and 18. This varies by the individual. An average girl’s facial and jaw development is typically complete before the average boy’s is.

Specialized Care From Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists have completed specialized training beyond the graduate dental degree required of all professional dentists. They gain substantial practice and additional knowledge regarding juvenile oral care. They learn how to work all day in tiny mouths, which can be a bigger challenge than doing precise work in the larger adult mouth. They gain complete knowledge of diagnosing and effectively treating problems that are significantly more common in children, such as tooth decay and teeth being knocked out.

Children are more likely to have accidents that knock out teeth, whether those are the primary or permanent teeth. If the child is brought in for emergency care quickly enough, the teeth may be saved, although the nerve typically is so damaged that a root canal procedure will later be necessary.

Advantages of Early Dental Care

By beginning early care at a clinic such as Kid’s Dental, parents help their children start a full lifetime of healthy teeth and gum tissue. Problems with tooth decay are caught early on and preventive measures like dental sealants can be put in place. If the child needs orthodontic treatment, the pediatric dentist advises the parents when it’s time to get started. Visit us online to learn about the practice and to schedule an appointment.

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