When to Seek Restorative Dentistry in Hamden, CT

Restorative dentistry is something that many men, women, and children seek out whenever they have a dental problem such as chips, cracks, or missing teeth. These professionals specialize in restoring the function of the mouth in a wide range of ways, and they are commonly found in general or family dentistry clinics. Since many different conditions can affect the gums, teeth, and maxillofacial portions of the body, it is imperative that you contact a specialist at the first sign of trouble.


Dental crowns are one solution used in restorative dentistry in Hamden, CT as a way to cover up damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth or to generally restore the appearance of the teeth without a complex procedure. Once cemented into place, crowns cup the portion of the tooth found at and above the gum line and this is a good reason to contact us at the first sign of damage to one or more teeth. After all, the color of your teeth can easily be matched so that others will not even realize that you have a crown in place, thus allowing you to enjoy a lifetime with a full set of teeth even after damage.


A dental bridge is one tool used in restorative dentistry that is designed to replace lost teeth with the use of a prosthetic. A tooth or teeth replaced with this type of solution will look completely natural and function the same way that your real teeth function but it will be completely unattached to your gums except through the use of special adhesives. Crowns and bridges are most commonly created and prepared using high-quality materials such as porcelain, and the bridge may be altered to look similar or identical to your original teeth so that no one will know the difference over time.

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