What To Expect When You Visit A Root Canal Specialist In Baltimore, MD

In Maryland, patients with damaged teeth may require extraordinary measures to correct them. This could include complex surgical procedures to eliminate damage and restore the tooth. A Root Canal Specialist in Baltimore MD could provide this procedure to correct damage and provide better protection for the affected tooth.

Why Patients Need a Root Canal

A dentist suggests a root canal when all other measures to save the tooth have failed. This surgical procedure allows the dentist to address nerve pain and extensive damage. It is often the last attempt to save the tooth before an extraction is necessary.

What is Involved in a Root Canal?

A root canal begins with the opening of the tooth. The dentist drills into the tooth to expose the pulp and nerve. The pulp and nerve are removed from the tooth completely. This eliminates any nerve pain that the patient is experiencing. It also eliminates the potential for more damage due to the pulp itself. The tooth is cleaned and filled with a composite resin and sealed. Select dentists may install a dental crown connected with an abutment for additional protection and security.

How Can a Root Canal Protect the Tooth?

The root canal procedure presents an additional barrier around the tooth. This prevents more bacteria from entering the damaged tooth. The pulp and nerve are removed to prevent extensive pain for the patient and to prevent more damage associated with these materials.

Are There Any Complications Associated with the Procedure?

With all surgical procedures, there is a small chance of an infection. The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic for the patient to eliminate any potential post-op infections. Additional factors could also increase the occurrence of more damage. For example, the patient shouldn’t smoke within the first twenty-four hours following the procedure.

In Maryland, patients could address severe tooth damage by undergoing a root canal. These procedures eliminate the potential for nerve pain as well. The dentist may suggest this procedure when previous strategies have failed to protect the tooth. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment with a Root Canal Specialist in Baltimore MD should discover more info here today.

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