What Can You Expect When Getting Dentures in Oyster Bay NY?

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Dental

Dentures come in full sets and partials, depending on how many teeth a patient is missing. Those who are in need of dentures are not always aware of what they can expect from their appointment. To relieve stress, it can be helpful for individuals to learn as much as they can about the process so they can be prepared for their appointment for Dentures in Oyster Bay NY.

If a patient still has some remaining teeth, these will likely be extracted during the first appointment so they will not be in place to cause issues with the dentures. The dentist will also make impressions of the gum plates so a pair of dentures can be created specifically for the patient. It is important a precise fit is achieved so the dentures will not slip around when the patient eats or talks.

The dental lab will create a model of the dentures before making the final pair to ensure they are able to offer a precise fit. Once the pair has been properly fitted, the patient will typically be able to wear them for five to seven years, as long as they properly care for their dentures. In some cases, a person may need to have their dentures adjusted throughout this period because of changes to their bone structure.

It can be difficult for a person to grow accustomed to wearing dentures at first. In the beginning, it will feel as if a person has a foreign object in their mouth. Although the dentures may initially cause some minor irritation, they should not cause any major pain. If major discomfort is felt, the patient needs to see their dentist to determine the cause. It can take a few weeks to grow fully accustomed to wearing new dentures.

If you are in need of Dentures in Oyster Bay NY, it is imperative you schedule an appointment with the dentist. For more information, visit the website. Locust Valley Dental Group will be happy to provide you with the dental services you are in need of so your oral health can be protected. Call them today to get started on the recovery of your smile.

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