What Can You Expect From Teeth Cleaning in Midwest City OK?

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Dental

Teeth cleaning is one of the most important services the dentist offers because it allows patients to have the plaque and tartar removed that lead to cavities. When plaque and tartar are left in place, they begin to form acids which can cause tooth erosions. Once the enamel has been compromised, this can quickly lead to the destruction of the tooth. Thankfully, the dentist offers Teeth Cleaning in Midwest City OK. This service is available as a part of the preventative care services a dentist offers. This will allow individuals to understand what they can expect so they will be prepared.

With Teeth Cleaning in Midwest City OK, patients can protect the health of their smile. Smile protection is imperative because issues can arise that cause tooth loss. Once a tooth has become too damaged, the dentist must extract the tooth, especially if the root becomes decayed. This makes the tooth begin to experience necrosis which can sometimes occur rapidly and spread to surrounding teeth.

The dental hygienist will first examine the teeth and tongue and then will use special tools to scrape away any tartar that might be in place. Tartar is extremely destructive to the teeth, even more than plaque. Using special tools, the hygienist will carefully clean the teeth and remove all signs of tartar and plaque. The teeth will also be flossed because tartar and plaque can build up between the teeth. Since these areas are difficult to clean, this leaves the tooth vulnerable.

Once the hygienist has cleaned the teeth, they are treated with a special Fluoride treatment. This treatment needs to be left in place for thirty minutes to an hour so it can penetrate deep into the teeth and make the enamel stronger. It is important a patient does not eat or drink for an hour after the treatment or this will wash away the gel.

If you are in need of teeth cleaning services and would like to learn more, visit. They provide a wide array of dental services to help keep their patients’ smiles healthy, strong and beautiful. Call today so you can schedule your preventative checkup.

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