Two Procedures That Are Commonly Performed By An Oral Surgeon In Summit NJ

During a dental visit, dentists often refer their patients to a professional who specializes in oral surgery. This is often the case when individuals need to have a wisdom tooth removed or when they want to get dental implants. Read the information below to learn about these two procedures that are performed by an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Sometimes wisdom teeth can be removed by a dentist if they’ve erupted through the gumline and if the dentist can attach the forceps to the tooth. If the wisdom tooth has grown sideways in the gums, which is common, an oral surgeon will have to remove the tooth surgically. After taking x-rays to determine the positioning of the tooth, the oral surgeon makes an incision in the gums and then removes the tooth.

Individuals can have up to four wisdom teeth, one in each of the four corners of their mouth, that will need to be removed. Most individuals have all of their wisdom teeth taken out at one time so they won’t have any issues with these teeth in the future.

Before they’re removed, wisdom teeth often become painful, especially if they are pressing against the other teeth. This force can also cause the other teeth to move out of position, which is another reason why individuals should have their wisdom teeth removed as soon as it’s necessary.

Dental Implants

Individuals who have any number of missing teeth often choose to make an appointment with an oral surgeon to get dental implants. This procedure involves cutting an opening in the surface of the gumline and then drilling a hole into the jawbone. The surgeon then places an implant, that’s often made of titanium, into the orifice.

After this portion of the surgery is complete, individuals will have to wait approximately four months to allow the bone to ossify to the implant. After this is complete, the Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ opens up the gumline again to attach a post and then a crown to the implant.

Individuals in Summit who need to contact an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal or dental implants can schedule a consultation at Westfield Oral Surgery. This dental practice also specializes in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea.

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