Transform a Single Tooth or Your Entire Smile with a Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville, MD

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Dentist

When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, a dentist is both your partner and your guide; of course, not all dental techniques are purely health related. Some are geared more toward appearance than pain relief or prevention. A variety of options is available to improve the visual appeal of your teeth. For procedures like these, you’ll need to visit a Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville MD.

One of the most common cosmetic procedures is bleaching. Over time, coffee, red wine, nicotine and certain other factors can darken your enamel. Your dentist can whiten your teeth in his or her office or send you home with custom-molded trays and bleaching solution. Although both methods are considered equally effective, adhering to your dentist’s instructions is crucial to achieving professional-grade results at home.

Crowns can be placed on broken, chipped or otherwise misshapen teeth, but they’re a bit more costly than some other restoration techniques. They’re also typically only used when results can’t be achieved with other options. Whereas crowns are meant to alter the appearance of only a single tooth or a few teeth, veneers offer a complete transformation. These extremely thin devices cover the front surfaces of your teeth, giving you an instantly improved smile.

Contouring and reshaping may be used to correct slightly uneven or misshapen teeth. This procedure is more in-depth and invasive than some other alternatives offered by a Cosmetic Dentist in Rockville MD. It involves removing small amounts of enamel through abrasion and may also be combined with bonding.

Bonding entails using tooth-colored dental resin to repair chips, cracks and other types of minimal damage. Despite being an effective option, the bonding resin tends to stain and discolor more quickly than natural enamel or veneers. This means you may need to have your teeth bleached more frequently than you would under normal circumstances in order to maintain a natural appearance.

Whether you need a single tooth repaired or want to completely transform your smile, plenty of choices are offered in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. Most are generally only used in situations where the teeth and jawbones are healthy. Contact Aspen Hill Implant & Family Dentistry PC to book a consultation and learn more about which options may be right for you.

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