The Many Benefits You Can Gain From Teeth Whitening Options in Elk Grove

If you are sick of your teeth being stained or simply not as bright as you would like them, you certainly have options. While you might think that there is only one way to brighten your teeth, you actually have numerous options for whitening your teeth. There are great benefits to all of them.

Right At The Dentist

This is the strongest and most reliable way to whiten your teeth. When the dentist performs this treatment in the safe confines of the dental clinic, it does not take very long. The process is usually done in about an hour and the results of the teeth whitening Elk Grove Village will be instantly noticeable.

Trays & Gels

These options for whitening your teeth actually come in two varieties. The first option is purchased right from the dentist. You take it home and follow the directions given to you by the doctor. This usually includes wearing the trays for a few hours a day or overnight while you sleep. The second option is purchased over the counter from a drug store or other retail shop. While the basic process is the same, the peroxide is not as powerful as the prescription variety so it will take longer for the teeth whitening Elk Grove Village to occur.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth and enhancing your smile, then you should contact Brian Homann, DDS. The doctor can schedule a consultation with you and prescribe the best course of action to brighten your smile.

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