Teeth Whitening in Atlanta Can Brighten Dingy Teeth

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Dental

The world is getting more competitive every day. Whether a person wants a promotion or to get a date for Saturday night, there are a lot of people who want the same thing. This means that people have to look for every possible advantage. If a person has a yellow or dingy teeth from years of smoking or coffee drinking, people might think that they are sloppy or unhealthy. Fortunately a Teeth Whitening in Atlanta procedure in a dentist’s office can clean away this problem in only 90 minutes.

People may not think that teeth whitening is effective because they’ve tried whitening toothpastes. After 30 days, these kinds of toothpastes are only expected to whiten teeth by a single shade. Tooth whitening pens that have to be used several times a day may only whiten teeth up to four shades after several weeks. People may also paint unevenly with the pens and see streaked results. The results from a professional Teeth Whitening in Atlanta procedure are quicker and more reliable.

Cosmetic Dentistry professionals know how to determine how much bleach should be included in the mixture. They expertly apply the bleaching gel so that it reaches all areas of the teeth. Professionals may also use laser lights to lift stains deep within the tooth enamel. Within a short-time teeth can be up to 10 shades whiter.

Some people are afraid of Teeth Whitening treatment in Atlanta because they think it will damage their tooth enamel. Most of the bleaching gels contain materials that harden tooth enamel. That’s because stronger tooth enamel resists stains more effectively. If a dentist notices that a patient does have porous enamel, they can use less of the bleaching chemicals in the whitening gel. This is a major benefit of having a dentist conduct the procedure. Using less bleaching gel will prevent a possible irritation. The dentist may also tell the patient to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a few days before the procedure.

People love the results of a teeth whitening treatment. Not only are their teeth whiter, but they have a glossy shine to them as well. It gives them the confidence to ask the boss for a raise or someone for a date. For more info visit Buckhead Dental Partners.

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