Signs it is Time for a Tooth Filling in Bridgeport, CT

Most people know that they need to practice good oral health. This includes brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding sugary foods. In most cases, these steps can help prevent cases of tooth decay. However, at some point in time, most people are going to discover they need a Tooth Filling in Bridgeport CT.

A filling is used by dental professionals to restore a tooth and prevent additional damage. It will also allow a tooth to be restored to normal function. If a person is wondering if they need a filling, they can find out with the information highlighted here.

Indications of Tooth Decay

When a tooth is decayed, a dentist will have to remove the area that is decayed, clean around the decay and then fill up the tooth with a special material to ensure bacteria does not get inside. The filling material used can be porcelain, plastic, silver or gold. Based on the location of the filling and the specific dental needs a person has, the dentist will use the proper substance.

Signs that a Filling is Needed

Some of the indications that it is time to seek a tooth filling in Bridgeport, CT are listed here.

  *    Pain when a person is chewing or biting with a specific tooth

  *    A sensitivity to sugary, cold or hot foods

  *    General tooth pain

  *    Teeth with dark spots on the surface

  *    Fillings that have fallen out

  *    Fractured, chipped, broken or rough tooth

  *    Food that is stuck in certain areas

However, just because a person doesn’t have any of these symptoms, it doesn’t mean that a filling won’t be needed. In some situations, decay and cavities are located under the surface of a tooth, and the only way they can be found is by using a dental x-ray.

When it comes to dental health, going to the dentist regularly should be a top priority. This is the best way to ensure a tooth remains healthy. If more information about treating common dental issues is needed, a patient can contact the staff at Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC. Being informed and knowing when dental treatment is needed can help prevent serious issues from occurring.

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