Signs That You Need to See a Dental Surgeon in Allentown, PA

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Dentist

People underestimate great oral health until you have a tooth that’s aching throughout the night, or your jaw has excruciating pain and soreness. Will a quick visit to your general dentist be enough? Do you need more attention from a dental surgeon? If yes, how do you know? Dental surgery in Allentown, PA, tackles the following situations.

Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth are mainly notorious for coming out partially or failing to come out of the gum line entirely. Impacted teeth cause dental infections and sore gums. Dental surgery in Allentown, PA, specializes in pulling out impacted teeth before that present any issues.


Oral cancer can affect the mouth and other adjacent tissues. Cancers of the sinuses, throat, lips, and salivary glands can be treated through dental surgery. If you notice warning signs of oral cancer and tumors, talk to an oral surgeon immediately.

Breathing and Sleeping Problems

Sleep and snoring apnea interfere with normal breathing and sleep. While your doctor may recommend CPAP machine to clear the way for air when breathing, dental surgery in Allentown, PA, offers a permanent solution. The surgery will eradicate the blockage that triggers smooth breathing and sleep.

Facial Infections and Abnormalities

Oral surgeons at Nurture Dental Health are trained to treat facial infections that cause swelling or intolerable pain in the face, jaws, or neck. People in need of cleft palate and cleft lip surgery may benefit from dental surgery, as well.

Only a dentist can examine your condition and refer you to a dental surgeon. If you have your suspicions, don’t hesitate to talk to dental experts at Nurture Dental Health. You can find out more about Nurture Dental Health by visiting our website.

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