Signs That Wisdom Teeth in Summit, NJ Need to be Removed

Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ are molars that come in late in a patient’s life, and they have a well-deserved reputation for causing trouble. While not everyone must have his or her wisdom teeth removed, the majority of dental patients will eventually require at least one wisdom tooth extraction at some point in their lives. Any patient who is uncertain as to whether or not his or her wisdom teeth will need to be removed should keep an eye out for the following signs of trouble and schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as they begin to appear.

Continuous Pain

Even wisdom teeth that are growing in healthy often cause a little bit of pain as they begin to erupt through the gums, but being in continuous pain is not normal and should be considered a good reason for concern. Whether this pain occurs when the patient is chewing, consuming cold drinks, or is happening all the time regardless of environmental factors, it is more than likely the first warning sign that one or more wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

Repeated Infections

Patients whose wisdom teeth have been compromised as they grow in often experience repeated infections of the soft tissue surrounding their back teeth. These infections can be quite dangerous to a patient’s health, and most of the time they can only be effectively treated through the removal of the infected wisdom tooth or teeth.

Tooth Damage

If a patient’s wisdom teeth begin to impact, they can cause severe damage to surrounding teeth. This is because of impaction, in which the teeth grow in at an angle and place pressure on the rest of the jaw, causes crowding. The end result of this crowding, if it is not addressed early on, could be changed to the patient’s entire row of teeth and damage to previous dental work.

Get Help Now

The only way to tell for sure whether or not a patient will need to have those Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ removed is to head to the dentist or oral surgeon for diagnostic imaging. Contact Westfield Oral Surgery today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about wisdom tooth extractions today.

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