Seeing A Dentist in Oyster Bay NY When Tooth Pain Is Felt

When someone suffers from pain in a tooth, it is likely they will want to get immediate assistance in relieving this condition. Most people will make an appointment with a Dentist in Oyster Bay NY to help in getting pain relief. Here are some steps that can be taken when waiting to be seen by a dentist to help to keep pain at a minimum.

Try Applying Heat Or Cold To The Area

Some people find that temperature change can be beneficial in relieving tooth pain. Placing ice cubes in a hand towel and placing it on the affected area will help to reduce any swelling in the area. If ice does not work at reducing pain, a heating pad can be used to help to decrease discomfort when waiting to see a dentist.

Avoid Eating Foods That Exacerbate Pain

It is best to avoid eating foods that will make the tooth feel worse. This can include salty and spicy foods, and foods and drinks of extreme cold or hot temperatures. Soft foods should be eaten as these will be easy to tolerate. If all foods cause pain, it is best to drink milkshakes, slushies, soups, and other liquids until a dentist’s appointment can be made.

Use Pain Medication If Necessary

Many dentists will be able to prescribe pain medication if a tooth is causing excessive pain. During a dental appointment, this can be requested if the pain cannot be eliminated without an additional appointment in the future. Over-the-counter products can also be taken in the interim if necessary to help in keeping pain at bay. It is important to follow-up with a visit to a dentist rather than just relying on pain medication to solve the problem, however. Failing to see a dentist could lead to further deterioration of a tooth, causing further troubles later.

When there is a need to see a Dentist in Oyster Bay NY to help with tooth pain, finding one that will see a patient right away is necessary. Take a look at Locust Valley Dental Group or click here to find out more today.

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