Questions and Answers About The Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth In Summit NJ

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Dentist

When individuals are approximately 17 to 21 years old, their wisdom teeth begin to erupt. Sometimes, these teeth don’t erupt normally because they’re positioned sideways in the gums. When this occurs, individuals must have these teeth removed by an oral surgeon who extracts Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ. Read the questions and answers below to learn additional information about wisdom teeth and their removal.

Do individuals need their wisdom teeth and do they have to be taken out?

Because the wisdom teeth are located at the very end of both sides of the upper and lower jaw, they aren’t necessary for eating. These teeth often become painful as they erupt and sometimes they can’t erupt as they should because they’re impacted. When the teeth are impacted into the jaw, they can push against the other teeth and cause them to be out of alignment. For these reasons, it’s usually necessary for wisdom teeth to be taken out by an oral surgeon.

How does an oral surgeon remove a person’s impacted wisdom teeth?

Individuals will get an x-ray of their teeth so the oral surgeon can see exactly how they’re positioned in the jaw. After the mouth is numb, the oral surgeon will cut an incision in the area of the gums where the tooth is located. After making the cut, the surgeon who specializes in the removal of Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ will extract the tooth from the gums and stitch up the opening.

Is it painful when individuals have their wisdom teeth extracted?

During the procedure, individuals won’t feel any pain at all because of the numbing agent. After the numbness wears off in a few hours, there will be some pain and soreness where the tooth was extracted. Individuals can take a pain reliever to help with the soreness and apply a cold cloth over the jaw to help with swelling. After a few days, the pain will be completely gone, and individuals will be able to continue with their normal daily routine.

Individuals in Summit who need to have their impacted wisdom teeth extracted can contact Westfield Oral Surgery to schedule an appointment. This facility also specializes in dental implants, TMJ disorder treatment and sleep apnea devices.

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