Patient Instructions Following Wisdom Tooth Removal By An Oral Surgeon In Vancouver

Many individuals need to have their wisdom teeth removed due to pain or complications. After a surgeon completes the surgery, individuals must follow a strict set of rules to ensure they heal correctly. Read the article below to learn what individuals should do after having a wisdom tooth extraction performed by an Oral Surgeon in Vancouver.

The Day Of The Surgery

The first 24 hours after having a wisdom tooth removed is very important and individuals should carefully follow the instructions given by their surgeon. Individuals should have someone with them on the day of their surgery to drive them home. Anesthesia and pain medications can alter a person’s ability to drive.

Individuals should have another person stay with them for the rest of the day after their surgery. Their helper can assist with pain medications and call the Oral Surgeon in Vancouver if any problems arise, such as continual bleeding from the surgery site. After a wisdom tooth removal Vancouver, individuals should rest as much as they can for the remainder of the day.

The Week Following The Surgery

For the first several days, individuals should eat only soft foods that aren’t too hot or spicy. As the pain subsides over the next few days, individuals can begin eating foods they can tolerate without causing pain.

After eating, individuals should rinse their mouth out with a mixture of salt and warm water. On the second day after the surgery, individuals can brush their teeth, but they must be careful when brushing next to the extraction site.

The Month Following The Surgery

Individuals should refrain from using tobacco products for the first month after their surgery. Patients must also wait a full month before they use mouthwash. Alcohol is an ingredient that’s in mouthwash, and this can cause the empty tooth socket to dry out and cause excruciating pain.

When individuals abide by their post-operative instructions, they shouldn’t have any issues with their wisdom tooth extraction. If individuals have questions about the instructions or any concerns about their condition, they should contact their surgeon as quickly as possible. Westfield Oral Surgery provides wisdom tooth extraction along with additional surgical procedures.

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