Overcome Your Cosmetic Concerns Through Veneers in Salem OR

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Dental Care

Most people have some type of cosmetic dental concern that makes them unhappy with their smile. Unfortunately, some people can suffer from several issues like staining, malformations, tooth damage, and large gaps between the teeth. When these issues are present, they can cause a person to avoid smiling simply because they feel ill at ease with the way their smile looks. Although these issues can be difficult to deal with, they can be covered by veneers in Salem OR. Veneers can allow a person to have the perfected smile they have always wanted in as few as two dental appointments.

If a person is interested in veneers in Salem OR, they will need to schedule a consultation with the dentist to determine whether or not they will be considered a good candidate. The dentist will need to take some images and impressions so the dental lab can create the perfect fit, shape, and color for their veneers. Before the veneers can be adhered, the dentist will need to shape the patient’s teeth to ensure they will be able to accept the veneers without causing any problems with the bite or function.

Once the teeth are properly prepared, the dentist will begin to place the veneers in Salem OR. The veneers are each put on their matching tooth and adhered in place with a special type of dental adhesive that prevents the veneer from moving out of place. Many veneers are now meant to last as long as twenty-five years as long as the patient takes care of their teeth and sees their dentist on a regular basis for maintenance and care.

Veneers can give a person a completely natural-looking smile while allowing them to cover all of their cosmetic dental concerns. If you are interested in veneers in Salem OR, visit Sitename. This site offers a wealth of information on the many dental procedures they offer to help their patients keep healthy, beautiful smiles. If you would like to learn if you are a good candidate for veneers, call the office and schedule a consultation appointment with the dentist so you can have the smile you long for.

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