Important Information About Obtaining, Wearing, and Caring for Dentures in Haleiwa

To obtain a full set of Dentures in Haleiwa, a patient receives assistance from a dentist who has the customized artificial teeth made by a prosthodontist. The dentures are crafted to fit the individual’s mouth and should rest snugly, but comfortably, on the gums. They are intended to be very stable and not cause any soreness. If the patient develops problems with the dentures, he or she should not hesitate to return to the dentist for assistance.

Some people feel they are pestering the dentist and resort to keeping the dentures out of the mouth whenever they can. It’s healthy for the mouth to leave the dentures out for several hours every day, but the individual still should have the fundamental problem solved. Otherwise, discomfort may prevent the person from eating foods he or she enjoys, and slipping dentures can lead someone to avoid spending time with other people due to embarrassment.

Dentists typically prefer their patients to choose dental implants instead of dentures, but not everyone can afford this. Not everyone has dental insurance, and dental insurance doesn’t always cover the full cost of implants. The patient might be able to afford the implant part of the structure and not have the individual prosthetic tops installed. Instead, the dentist can fit a full set of dentures for the implants. The implant rods that are placed above the gum line hold the dentures securely in place, which is an advantage over those that simply rest on the gum.

After a patient receives dentures in Haleiwa, it’s important to follow instructions for cleaning them regularly to prevent infections in the mouth, bad breath, and denture staining. Commercial toothpaste for natural teeth is not meant for brushing dentures. Instead, denture wearers can choose products intended for this purpose or simply use a mild dishwashing soap. Special brushes can be purchased, and some people simply use a soft cloth.

Dentures cannot be whitened like natural teeth can, but cleaning them daily will keep them looking bright. Cleansers are available for soaking, and those also are helpful for keeping dentures in excellent aesthetic condition. A dentist such as Howard Carrico III can provide additional tips for preventing and removing stains.

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