What Gold Coast Chicago Dentists Do For You

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Dental Care

Many people mistakenly think that they should only see Gold Coast Chicago dentists when they have tooth pain or think something is wrong. However, these people are missing the bigger picture because a dental visit means that you get to be examined by a dentist who is capable of treating and diagnosing conditions that range from routine (cavities) to complex situations, such as root canals, dental implants, and the like. You’ll meet with a team of professionals, such as the dentist and dental hygienist. You may also talk with the administrative assistants to determine costs.

The Hygienist

In most cases, you will see the hygienist first after discussing your needs and why you are there at the front desk. He or she will do a visual exam of your mouth, check for oral cancer, and clean the teeth. They may also check your teeth for gum disease using a sharp metal object to poke the gums. If this happens, they are likely to have someone else in the room and will read numbers that the other person records. If you have gum disease, they may push back your cleaning so that you can get a deep clean. They will also take x-rays.

The Dentist

Gold Coast Chicago dentists will come in afterward to diagnose any oral diseases you have and help you learn how to prevent gum disease and promote good oral health. They will also read the x-ray and tell you what they find. If necessary, they can perform surgical procedures, such as extractions or implantation, which means they will also ensure that the anesthetics are administered safely and appropriately.

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